Thursday, May 26, 2016

Who Is Your God?

Hey, Gabriel Guy,
Is there another god in your life besides Jesus Christ? Before you shout a resounding No!, let's stop and take a look.

False gods come in many forms and weasel their way into our lives in subtle ways. Here are some false gods that may be hiding in your heart without your realizing it:

1--Sports - Do you cheer more for your favorite sports team than you do for Jesus? Do you get more excited about going to a game than you do about going to church? If you play on a team, do you spend more time practicing than you do reading your Bible and praying? If so, your favorite sport is an idol in your life.
2--Hobbies - Do you spend more time pursuing your hobbies than you do pursuing Jesus? If so, your hobby is an idol in your life.

3--Food - Do you eat when you are not hungry?  Do you eat for comfort when you are upset or hurting? Do you eat more than your body needs? If so, food is an idol in your life.

4--Money - Is your ultimate goal in life to become wealthy financially? Do you make decisions based on money alone? Is your only reason for considering a certain career the financial return it will provide? If so, money is an idol in your life.

Idols have a way of creeping into our hearts unawares. Ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you the idols in your heart. Then repent of them and turn away from them. Make Jesus Christ the only Lord of your life. He alone deserves your whole heart!

Now, it's YOUR TURN: What idols are in your life? Chances are good that others reading this have some of the same idols. So, let's share with your fellow Gabriel Guys and encourage one another to get rid of all idols. You can post your comments in the box below. Thanks! We're eagerly waiting to hear from you. Your opinion matters!


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  • You need to be born again. This means that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and the Lord of your life.If you don't know how to do this, click here.
  • You need to have a desire to tell others about Jesus wherever you go and whenever you can.
  • You need to commit to following Jesus by reading the Bible and praying every day and by obeying Jesus' command to love Him and to love your neighbor.
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