Thursday, April 7, 2016

How to Win a Girl’s Heart

Hey, Gabriel Guys,

I once heard a guy say, “Girls! Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them.” 

Does this describe you? If so, you’ve probably wondered at times how girls tick. Why are they so hard to understand? Why do you have so much trouble with them?

As a grown girl, let me share a few tips for winning a girl’s heart. 

1-Treat your special girl with great dignity and respect. Always speak kindly to her. Open doors for her. Talk to her about what interests her. Put her needs above your own. Remember that God made girls equal in value but different in function

2. Don’t expect a girl to think the way you think. Here’s a visual for you: A guy’s mind is like a set of boxes. A guy focuses on one box at a time while he thinks. A girl’s mind, on the other hand, is like a bowl of spaghetti. Every part of her mind is connected to the other parts. So she has the ability to think about a lot of things at the same time. This is the reason her mind may go from one thing to another very quickly, while your mind is running out of breath keeping up with her. God made girls this way so they can run a home--or an organization--with great skill. Just think of what your mom does! :)

3. Remember that girls are emotional creatures. They were created to bring love into the world. They are creatures of the heart before they are creatures of the head. This does not mean they have no brains. On the contrary, girls have brilliant minds. In addition, they have a sixth sense that guys do not have. Girls have intuition. This means they can know things with their heart that make so sense to the mind.

Intuition is a gift God has given women so they can help others by alerting them to problems and giving them good advice. Many husbands, for example, are thankful to their wives for this gift that has saved them from serious problems.

4. A girl wants a guy to be a strong leader who will lead God’s way. What is God’s way of leading? It is the way of servanthood. Jesus said if you want to be great, you must first be a servant (Matthew 20: 26). So, if you want to be great in a girl’s eyes, begin to serve her.

Guys are not better than girls. Both guys and girls are equal in God’s eyes. They just have different functions in God’s plan. 

When you respect a girl as being your equal in worth and value; when you begin to treat her with dignity; and when you understand that she is brilliant in her own right, you will begin to win a girl’s heart.

Copyright 2016 by Dr. MaryAnn Diorio. All Rights Reserved.

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